by Forever Lesbians

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released May 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Forever Lesbians Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: How You Feel
When we stopped
I didn't have a chance
To say a single thing
And I have no confidence
No guts inside of me
Tellin me to say more than hey wassup

You're lookin at me
I'm lookin behind me
I wonder what it could
That's hiding behind me
That discarded old thing
The girl for which I used to sing
And all the hate that's it's starting to bring

I should stop
Looking at my feet
And start looking in front of me
Looking where the dots all meet
I wonder if we'll ever be,
More than just my cloudy dream
Where you're standing next to me

Do you want
Me at all
Cause if you don't that's alright
But it sure as hell would be nice
To be a little closer to youuuuu
Track Name: Deathwish // Deathbed
It changed his mindset
Just swam inside for way too long
He'll never find it
What he just lost, a mind is gone

The rivers pretty deep
They told us just to keep,
Our heads held up so
We don't sink down too low
Beneath the coldest floor
The ice shelter, the oldest door
Though harmony forbade
keepin me in the shade

He didn't wanna be
What all the others said he was
Annoying company
A problematic part of piece

The love inside was dead
No good thoughts inside my head
The ugliness escapes
Vampires without capes
A dream of warm soft sheets
But nights without sleep
Please just try to be nice
To me tonight

Covered in blankets
Lying in the basement
The walls all soaked in
Thoughts were just hiding now

A lonely holiday
Gold clouds were always grey
Pretty people were ugly
But still a part of me
What do you want from this
Silly apology
This unfair exchange
Just take it all away
Track Name: Time Trials
Too many hopeful rays
I'm broken up like glass
The pieces are glued into
Someone that's holding back

But just when you forget
The rain it comes down
A thousand times worse than
The Last time you found
You rose, a ruse, stop fooling me
I'm easily deceived
Getting tired of waking up and forgetting all my dreams

Sleeping through the only
Chance you get to go
Now you're enclosed in
Plastic and foam

Jeez I don't even
Know what to think
Spending up all the time
Drinking from the sink
Sold all my sweetest memories
But kept ones where you were mean
And traded my success
While laying in the green

Just stop waiting for
Something incomplete
Could we count on
Landin in the trees
Little machine
Inside of me
Explain why she reads
As something so complete
Track Name: Living Ghost
I’m sorry that
so sorry that
you took offense
the future years
our future years
just wasted dreams
well is this it,
A rut, a pit
an abysmal bit of life
will the sun rise
up in the skies
just to shortly return

Oh living ghost,
i’ll miss you most
I’ll miss you most,
my ghost

out on the roof
is that just you?
my other self
and father asks
what was our past?
just wasted dreams
dont walk too fast
on broken glass
it’s cutting up your feet
quit holding up
an empty cup
fill it up with something else

Oh living ghost,
I’ll miss you most,
I’ll miss you most,
My ghost

Oh living ghost,
I’ll miss you most,
I’ll miss you most
my ghost
Track Name: Worn Out
He speaks these words that unearth
the ground beneath her feet
She says “Don’t leave me, or I’ll be lonely
You’re my only one

Worn out, you’re growing thin Don’t think, just sleep in
It won’t mean anything when the end begins
It’s been a long time since you’ve played the game
It makes sense if you don’t feel the same

when he says I love you, it doesn’t mean as much
as it did when you both 1st touched
in the grass by the farmhouse took off her green blouse
when those words came out

Worn out, you’re growing thin Don’t think, just sleep in
It won’t mean anything when the end begins
It’s been a long time since you’ve played the game
It makes sense if you don’t feel the same
Track Name: Stairs
Time is just killin me
Modulated tempo
And all through the greenery
Wavering sunbeams
Watch yourself skeleton
The museum will soon find you
Fall down the staircase
The first place
You fell in love
Please don't leave me
Just outside the garden
Beneath all my best friends
I'll fall the hardest

Can you see it?
The crowd beneath us
Or is this what we wanted?
Somethin more private

Walking slowly past
The graves of the ghosts and
It hurts most when
I didn't mean to
Bleached bones
Your complicated grin
Do you know
The trouble we're in
Just lie down inside the drawer
Don't tell me what I cannot do
Elevated just above the ground
But still too close for me
Did you bring the compass
It's still my fault when we leave

I'm tired of sayin
What's so important to me
We've fucked up the message
What's wrong with just livin to be

Walk a bit closer dear
The world is a vacuum
Some eyes look strange to me
And the people who own them